MoveMove is a high-performance IoT platform for your business

Scalable distributed IoT platform with a high-performance real-time message processing engine, powering event streaming for IoT devices at massive scale.

Platform values

MoveMove Cases

At Any Scale

Effortlessly handle tens of millions of concurrent MQTT connections with MoveMove platform.

Secured Communication

Secured communication with MQTT over TLS/SSL and various authentication mechanisms using username/password, JWT, PSK, X.509 certificates, and more.


Easily manage your projects on MoveMove platform via HTTP API or dashboard

MoveMove Advantages

MQTT v5.0

100% compliant with MQTT v5.0 standard. Frictionless integration with all the MQTT clients.

High Concurrency

Handle more than 2 million concurrent MQTT connections using a single broker node.

High Performance

Process millions of MQTT messages per second in a cluster of commodity servers.

Low Latency

Guarantee millisecond latency in message delivery with the soft real-time runtime system.

Zero Downtime Upgrade

Zero-downtime upgrades for mission-critical deployments with hot code reload capabilities.